Hair Boutique

One of the first of its kind in New Delhi, an exclusive collection of artificial and natural hair additions.

No matter what your length, color , texture, our boutique customizes your addition your way.

Wigs & Extensions are Available in various colour's.

Keratin Extensions

Clip on Extensions

Simmi Ghai


We provide customized wigs and wig attachments, depending on your head shape and size.

Wigs are available in all colors, as well as , available in doll hair or the preffered human hair, which lasts longer and looks more natural

Keratin Extensions

Keratin fusion hair extensions are perfect for people who feel uncomfortable with readymade hairs that has been clipped on. This procedure is also ideal for people who are afraid that their hair extensions might fall out.

Keratin Fusion hair extensions are the most preferred type of extensions because it could last up to 2 years when applied by a professional and when maintained properly. The best thing about hair extensions using fusion is that the extensions are impossible to tell apart from your natural hair type.

As the name suggests, fusion hair extensions are attached to your hair by undergoing a process called "fusion bonding". This method works by "fusing" the extensions with keratin proteins from your natural hair - strand by strand. The weft is then attached to the roots of your hair using a heated adhesive stick and keratin glue, which are designed specifically for fusion hair extensions.

Clip on Extensions

Clip in hair extensions will transform your look and give you a new found confidence. Our products are simple to apply by yourself at home in less than ten minutes. The best thing of all is that Our human hair clip in extensions come with a high quality non slip clip that are all the same colour as the hair shade, unlike the huge silver clips that come with many other human hair extensions brands.

Our clip will ensure that yours are not only completely undetectable but your friends wont even tell you are wearing them. With Ultimate hair clip ins your hair will stay in even during wind, rain, dancing or even excercising. Our human hair is amazing silky soft quality.

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